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About the Book


In “Breaking Out The Jail I Built” Ebony Smith gives you an inside look into how she found herself standing in the middle of what seemed like a jail she could never seem to escape from. She takes you on a journey and shows how she navigated through life as she continued down a path of self destructive behaviors, poor relationship choices, and alcohol abuse. Ebony’s uncontrollable behaviors and risky lifestyle ultimately lead her to experience extreme highs and lows as she continued to build a jail around her life. When faced with the reality that her life was now spiraling out of control, Ebony gathered up all the strength and courage she had left and dismantled and deconstructed the jail she built to obtain freedom once and for all. 

About the Author


Ebony A.N. Smith has a passion for equipping and empowering women. She’s the founder of “FreeBirdz” a nonprofit organization that assist domestic violence victims by providing resources and tools needed to help them, along with their children, escape their violent environment.


Quotes from Readers

OMG, If you haven’t already ordered you should ORDER NOW! I only read the first chapter, and the author poured her heart out literally. It is captivating and very detailed. THIS BOOK COULD BE A MOVIE. It’s a FIVE STAR read for me.

Timothy Choyce

Yes, I have been here for everything you mentioned in your book, and I forgot about a lot of things. Whoa, the way you tell your story put me right back in the moment. I’m so proud of the woman you have become, and honored to be your friend.


Oh my gosh girl, after reading Chapter 1 I can not wait to read the rest of the book. When can I get my copy already?

Rochelle Ketchum

Ebony, the detailed way in which you described your story took me back to those very moments. You wrote that book girl!! The glow up is real.

Camerin Weaver

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